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Authentic Greek Restaurant
in Blacksburg, VA

Blacksburg, VA, has Been Home to Souvlaki Greek Restaurant Since 1982

Souvlaki has a menu full of delicious and appetizing Greek food and dishes that stand out among all others in Blacksburg, VA. Since 1982, Blacksburg has been home to the best Greek restaurant around, and we offer only the best subs, gyros, pita wraps, and many more delectable dishes to our community. We are proud to reside in Blacksburg, VA, and Souvlaki is eager to continue bringing the best traditional Greek food to our local community. Call Souvlaki today at (540) 951-0555 or order online today to get a taste from the best Greek restaurant.

Impressive History and Talented Staff Makes the Heart of Souvlaki

Souvlaki has an impressive group of staff who put the time, quality, love, and authenticity behind every meal this Greek restaurant has to offer. Every gyro, pita wrap, sub, and other quality dish has the same effort and drive each time, and they truly speak to Greek traditions while adding a modern touch. Do not wait around; try Souvlaki today.

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